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MuniLogic Gains Momentum in First Half of 2015

August, 2015

When MuniLogic Municipal Management Software was created, the vision was to build a system that could grow with our customers as their needs changed over time. A modular design was developed that included a core system along with specific management modules that could be added as needed. At MuniLogic, we listen to our customers and continually strive to meet their ever growing and changing needs.

MuniLogic was developed to streamline a municipal or authority organization's daily activities by integrating technologies such as GIS with document management databases. The software will enable a municipality or authority to enhance their business processes and improve upon customer service. MuniLogic's automated document management system allows organizations to rely less on paper. Hardcopy items such as permit applications, zoning maps, and customer complaints are all now electronically filed into the MuniLogic database.

MuniLogic has proven to be extremely efficient and of immeasurable value to our clients, and as we continue to grow and expand our software, so does our client list. In the first six months of this year, we have added six more MuniLogic clients including Richland Township Authority, Doylestown Borough, and Middletown Township in Bucks County; and Schuylkill Township, Uwchlan Township and East Bradford Township in Chester County. We continue to have strong interest, not just locally, but nationwide.

MuniLogic Goes International and Lands in Somalia

October, 2014

The latest municipality to purchase MuniLogic is not in Pennsylvania or on the East Coast. They're not even in the United States. Our newest customer is the Banaadir Regional Administration in Somalia, Africa. Yes, Somalia. To most Americans Somalia conjures up visions of warlords, "Black Hawk Down", Somali pirates and general lawlessness and chaos. The real story on the ground is very different.

The World Bank has been quietly investing in many African countries for the past decade to support infrastructure and to promote healthy governance. Among the initiatives they support is the upgrading of computer systems to track and maintain infrastructure and to upgrade internal processes and practices. One of their goals is to enable local governments to regularly collect taxes and fees so they can become self sufficient; enabling them to stabilize their region and provide critical services to their residents.

M & T Consulting, located in Mogadishu, reached out to us through our website as part of an evaluation of various municipal management software programs. They found MuniLogic to be the most robust, yet flexible system available and wanted to move forward on behalf their client: the Banaadir Regional Administration. However, making a sale in Africa is not the same as in the U.S. We were required to get clearance from the U.S. Department of Commerce. If you have had experience working with FEMA or any other Federal Agency, you know how frustrating it can be dealing with the bureaucracy. We were eventually successful and the Banaadir Regional Administration purchased our Core system plus the Customer, Permit, License and Tax Modules. We are in the implementation process now and will be training local administrators soon.

We are proud to welcome the Banaadir Regional Administration to the MuniLogic family. We are equally proud to be a small part of helping to bring stability to a struggling African country.

Now then, what about you? You're not a third world country. We don't need Commerce Department clearance to add you as a customer. Step up to the standard being set in Somalia and upgrade your operations. Give us a call. We are only a time zone or two away.

MuniLogic Adds New Custom Permit Functionality

September, 2014

It seems like every municipality or jurisdiction has different requirements pertaining to what is regulated. MuniLogic has always had a solid offering of permit types to handle just about every type of permit. However, as MuniLogic's customer base expands geographically we are finding all sorts of new permit requirements.

MuniLogic's Permit module is already an important addition to any agency. This module, which is the most popular of MuniLogic's offerings, tracks the entire permitting process from the application, to fees, to permit issuance, to plan reviews, to inspections, to final approval.

Given all the new permit requirements we are finding, we have thrown in the towel and provided the ability for our customers to create any permit type desired. This customization also allows our customers to create fields of information in any format; text, numeric, check boxes, etc. Users can also create calculated fields.

This new functionality provides no limit to the types of permits our customers can create. Don't worry; even though it is not complicated, we stand ready to help you setup your permit requirements in MuniLogic. This new feature adds to the value of the Permit module and MuniLogic in general.

The existing Permit Module allows you to:

• Add multiple permit types for each permit application.
• Schedule and assign inspections to field personnel using MuniLogic™ shared calendars.
• "Roll-up" fees, plan reviews, and inspections to gain an overall perspective on the permit activity.
• Assign fees taken directly from your fee schedule and log all transactions.
• Configure required licenses by permit type to ensure proper approvals.

When you combine the new customization feature with the existing applications, you have the most powerful software program available We are committed to enhancing our product to provide our customers with a Better Perspective – and Better Results.

Give us a call today to learn more about this new feature or view a webinar to see it in action!

Welcome East Pikeland Township

August, 2014

It is a great pleasure to welcome East Pikeland Township in Chester County, Pennsylvania to the MuniLogic family. East Pikeland, a township of 7,079 residents is located in the Philadelphia suburbs near Valley Forge National Park. While East Pikeland can trace its roots all the way back to the founding of Pennsylvania by William Penn in 1682, it did not become an official township until 1838 when East and West Pikeland were carved out of a 10,000 acre land grant held by the family of Joseph Pike. East Pikeland celebrated their 175th anniversary in 2013.

East Pikeland is historic in many ways, but their leadership has their sights clearly set on the future. Township Manager, Kim Maretti and her staff had been researching municipal software packages for several years when they heard about MuniLogic from a neighboring township. After a presentation they were convinced that MuniLogic was the way to go. "It is simple to use and easy for our staff to learn", said Maretti. "It puts all of our resources in one place and enables our staff to complete complex tasks quickly."

East Pikeland purchased the core system as a stand alone entry into municipal management software. "The core system offers us everything we need to streamline our work processes," said Moretti. "We will add additional modules as needed", she continued. "The mapping and property modules will allow us to track our historic resources and will help manage the revitalization of our commercial district. MuniLogic will also improve our responsiveness to resident requests", she added. "Our administrative staff can now answer questions in minutes with MuniLogic as opposed to hours using our old paper based system."

MuniLogic is helping East Pikeland leave the paper trail behind. Isn’t it time you joined them? Give us a call to learn how.

MuniLogic Adds New Mapping Functionality

June, 2014

MuniLogic’s mapping module is already a key component of our core system. The Mapping module provides easy-to-use Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping functionality to every user’s desktop. It now has added new functionality.

Users can now create new custom mapping layers "on the fly" from information contained within the database. These custom layers are created by the individual user and can be shared to other individuals, departments or all users. They can be fully managed by changing appearance, color-coding and labeling. They can also be removed when they have exhausted their usefulness or need updating based upon new information.

Only your imagination will limit the possibilities of this new feature. Here is a sampling of some custom layers you can create;

• Display all sanitary mains that were installed prior to 1980.
• Display all complaints and color-code them by status.
• Display all properties that have expired septic permits.
• Display all fire hydrants due for routine maintenance.
• Display all properties that sold between 2000 and 2005.

As you can see, there is virtually no limit to the type of layers you can create in MuniLogic. This new feature adds to the value of the Mapping module and MuniLogic in general. We are committed to enhancing our product to provide our customers with a Better Perspective – and Better Results. Add the new custom functionality to the existing capabilities listed below and you have the most powerful mapping tool in the industry.

Capabilities of the Mapping Module:

• Control layer functionality, including; turning on/off, changing layer name, grouping, priority, color, symbol, and style.
• Full navigation features; including zoom in/out, pan, scale, etc.
• Ability to retrieve and view information contained within the map layers.
• Ability to spatially select features based upon other layers. (ie: Display all properties within a flood plain)
• Ability to perform a radius selection for construction or other activities. (ie: Display all properties within 500')
• Ability to add graphics to the map in the form of lines, text, polygons, etc.
• Ability to produce output maps in various sizes based upon scale or the current view.
• Produce PDF files from output maps.
• View all documents linked to a mapped asset with a click of a button.
• Ability to display layers by characteristics. (ie: Color-code water mains by size)
• Label features by information contained within the layers. (ie: Label tax parcel numbers on the map just by clicking on the desired parcel)
• MuniLogic supports images (TIF, SID, etc.) to display digital orthophotography.
• Send queries to specific modules for viewing and vice-versa.

MuniLogic's mapping supports data within a state plane coordinate system so all data is true to scale. Use the measure and area tools to obtain real-world measurements. Use the coordinate tool to obtain a real-world coordinate.

Give us a call today to learn more about this new feature or view a webinar to see it in action!

Better Resident Relations with the Customer Module

May, 2014

One of the most challenging tasks for any municipality is to provide fast, reliable and effective responses to resident complaints and requests for service. Do you know what happens when a request for service is received? Do you know where it is sent for service? Do you know the final outcome? Was the resident satisfied? The answer to most of these questions is probably no or I don’t know.

The MuniLogic Customer Module provides a tool for you to track and manage every request for service from reception of the call to referral to departments for action to completion of the task and communication back to the resident. With the Customer Module, every employee can be an effective customer service agent.

The Customer Module will help you:

• Log the nature, originator and the subject property of each request.
• Automatically generate a form letter to provide customer feedback.
• Automatically turn requests into code violations or fixed asset work orders. All the while maintaining the relationship to the original request.
• Maintain an unlimited amount of notes about the request.
• Maintain all photos, reports or other documents directly on the request.

The Customer Module will also provide accountability since every request can be tracked and measured for timeliness and accurate completion. All of us want to treat our residents like customers because that is what they really are. MuniLogic’s Customer Module can help you provide that level of excellent service that you aspire to. Call us today to learn more about how you can give your residents the best service possible.

MuniLogic for Asset Management

April, 2014

Asset management is a challenge for every township regardless of size. Every township owns and manages miles of roads and right-of ways along with miles of storm water pipes, inlets and basins. If you provide water or sanitary sewer service, you also own miles of water and sewer pipe, pumps and maybe even treatment plants. Maintaining accurate records of the age, condition and maintenance history is a daunting task. Throw in state and federal regulations and reporting requirements and the task becomes even bigger.

MuniLogic can help you manage these assets by providing you with better, more accurate information to help you make better, more informed decisions. MuniLogic can also streamline the reporting process to state and federal agencies.

MuniLogic offers four specific asset management modules:
• Roadway
• Storm

• Water
• Sanitary

MuniLogic... Growing With You

March, 2014

When we created MuniLogic Municipal Management Software our vision was to build a system that could grow with our customers as their needs changed over time. That is why we developed a modular design that included a core system along with specific management modules that could be added as needed. Over time we have added features to the system in response to requests from individual customers.

To go along with hundreds of small enhancements, last year we introduced the Tax module to assist in the creation and collection of accurate tax bills. We also introduced features within the MuniLogic dashboard for administrative control over the performance of response times and outstanding tasks.

To keep you informed of our latest improvements, we are currently in the process of adding new features to our Sanitary module at the request of several customers. The Sanitary module currently assists you in the management of your entire sanitary sewer system by providing:

A complete inventory of all sanitary assets, including:

Pump stations
... and more.

The Sanitary Module will also:
• Quickly identify the age and condition of assets.
• Manage sanitary sewer overflows (SSO) and reporting to DEP.
• Maintain a complete history of all inspection and maintenance activities.
• Create work orders with full assignment and scheduling to crews.
• Maintain asset value using various methods for GASB34 reporting.
• All assets are linked to other MuniLogic modules for Mapping, Reporting, and Documents.

Our new additions consist of the following:

• Import meter data. Users will have the ability to import meter data for any asset and maintain this for historical purposes. MuniLogic will identify the wet weather events and provide automatic calculations for such items as peak and average flows. Then compare these values against allocated EDU’s to determine accepted values. A report can be easily generated from the results.
• Track and manage septic system inspections. We will now offer features to track septic system inspection programs.
• Create new mapping layers. Although not limited to the Sanitary module, users will be able to create new layers within the Mapping module from information contained within the database. So if you want to visually color-code all properties based upon their septic system inspection status – this can be done with a few clicks.

At MuniLogic, we listen to our customers and continually strive to meet their ever growing and changing needs. You do not need to worry that your investment in MuniLogic will ever become obsolete. Our system will continue to grow with you into the future. Call us today to get started.

The Winter of 2014

February, 2014

The winter of 2014 is one for the record books. Artic cold, snow and ice, power outages have been occurring in all parts of the country since early January. The forecast calls for more snow in the weeks ahead. Can't wait for spring!

Snow means plowing roads and fixing pot holes. The MuniLogic Customer Module can help you manage this process. The Customer Module was designed to manage resident complaints and calls for service. It makes every employee capable of fielding complaints and automates the follow up process. The Customer Module also provides for accountability as management is able to track each request for service from the initial call to the final fix. Here is more information on the Customer Module:

MuniLogic's™ Customer Module tracks all requests for service and complaints..

Track all activity, including: Requests

   ... and more.

Requests come from many different sources and may require a multitude of actions prior to a successful resolution. MuniLogic™ will improve customer service by providing a mechanism for tracking the activity and status of each request. Requests handled by MuniLogic™ can morph into code violations and work orders, or just provide a resource to track request history. Requests can also be forwarded from the receptionist to an appropriate employee for resolution.

• Log the nature, originator and the subject property of each request.
• Automatically generate a form letter to provide customer feedback.
• Automatically turn requests into code violations or fixed asset work orders. All the while maintaining the relationship to the original request.
• Maintain an unlimited amount of notes about the request.
• Maintain all photos, reports or other documents directly on the request.

Longtime MuniLogic Customer Continues to Expand Usage
New Britain Township Adds Roadway Module

January, 2014

New Britain Township in Bucks County, Pa, was one of the first municipalities to install the MuniLogic system back in 2008. The decision to go with MuniLogic was driven by the Township's need to streamline the land development, zoning and code enforcement processes. MuniLogic also provided a 21st century approach to document management. Now, six years later they are adding the Roadway Module to the mix.

Mandates from both the Federal and State levels of government have created the need for better information regarding township roadways and their rights-of way. New federal regulations regarding sign reflectivity and storm water management have made the Roadway Module a must-have for all townships. "The upcoming MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems) regulation will require better mapping and information on our rights-of way" sail Eileen Bradley, New Britain Township Manager. "While we are currently using the MuniLogic GSI Mapping function regularly, the addition of the Roadway Module will give us better information for reporting and maintenance purposes. Our crews will be able to use cell phones to tag exact locations for repairs and maintenance", she continued.

In addition to storm water issues, the Roadway Module can help you manage the required sign reflectivity requirements under the Federal Highway Administration's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Under these regulations, townships are required to begin replacing deficient signs this year. The Roadway Module will enable you to:

• Quickly identify the age and condition of signs.
• Determine which of the six maintenance requirement works best for your situation. Use only one or all six.
• Create and modify routes for repair and replacement.
• Receive a notification when signs are due for inspection or replacement.
• Maintain a complete history of all inspection and maintenance activities.
• Create work orders with full assignment and scheduling to crews.
• Maintain asset value using various methods for GASB34 reporting.
• Link all roadway assets to other MuniLogic™ modules for Mapping, Reporting, and Documents

"We are very pleased to see long time customers expand their use of MuniLogic" said Matt Garber, Managing Director of MuniLogic. "We designed the system to be modular so it can be easily expanded when needs change."

If you are a current MuniLogic user, consider adding the Roadway Module to your system. Even if you are not concerned about the new regulations, you can still fix the potholes faster and more efficiently.

Seasons Greetings from MuniLogic

December, 2013

As 2013 draws to a close we want to take a moment to wish all of you a happy holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. We also want to send a special thank you to all of the municipalities that signed on with us in 2013. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with you. Finally, to all of you who are considering MuniLogic, we hope that 2014 will be the year that you make the move to upgrade your operations and begin enjoying all of the benefits of an advanced technology based workplace.

New Years Resolutions

The start of a new year is always a great time to commit to doing things differently. It’s a fresh start. It’s a new beginning. We all make resolutions. We often start strong but over the long haul revert back to our old habits. Make this year different. The economy is still not strong and municipal budgets remain strained. In just the past few weeks we have seen headlines telling us of townships facing budget deficits in the millions of dollars, million dollar pension obligations or the need to raise taxes. Don’t let your town get caught short. Learn how to do more with less. Streamline your work flow. Get better reporting. Make more informed decisions. MuniLogic can help you do all of that and more. We can’t help you loose weight or get more exercise but we can bring your operations into the 21st century. Make a resolution today to take a hard look at MuniLogic in 2014. Happy New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving from MuniLogic

November, 2013

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday. The tradition can be traced all the way back to the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock in 1621. The Pilgrims and Puritans took a Day of Thanksgiving to celebrate the good harvest. While the first Thanksgiving is not well documented and there is some doubt that the native tribes actually took part, the tradition continued in New England through the late 1600's. George Washington declared the first national Thanksgiving holiday on November 26, 1789. The actual celebrations varied from state to state until Abraham Lincoln issued a Presidential Proclamation in 1863 fixing the date as the last Thursday in November. The date was changed the fourth Thursday by Congress in 1941.

Regardless of when the day is celebrated, Thanksgiving is a time for all of us to gather with family and friends to reflect and give thanks for all our blessings. All of us at MuniLogic are grateful for the opportunity to help all of you serve your communities. Part of the greatness of America lies in the strength of its cities, towns and townships and the people who live and work there. Thank you for all you do. Have a wonderful holiday.

MuniLogic for Better Asset Management

A major part of running a municipality is managing your assets. Your roads, your storm water system and your water and waste water systems all require constant monitoring and maintenance. MuniLogic offers four Management Modules to give you the information and the tools to effectively manage these assets. The Roadway, Storm, Water and Sanitary modules will help you create a comprehensive inventory of all of your assets and provide the ability to perform more advanced analysis and asset management. MuniLogic will help you track all inspection and maintenance activity and asset value. It will enhance your system management by integrating GIS mapping, document management, and creating relationships with your other geographic data.

Each of our Asset Management Modules will allow you to:
• Quickly identify the age and condition of assets.
• Maintain a complete history of all inspection and maintenance activities.
• Create work orders with full assignment and scheduling to crews.
• Maintain asset value using various methods for GASB34 reporting.
• All assets are linked to other MuniLogic™ modules for Mapping, Reporting, and documents.

MuniLogic will streamline all of your public works processes and improve your response times. Better information will help you make better decisions resulting in better resident satisfaction. Call us today to learn more.

Welcome Towamencin Township

September, 2013
Towamencin Township in Montgomery County, PA is the latest municipality to sign on with MuniLogic. After years of reviewing different GIS mapping packages that were expensive, hard to use or ineffective Towamencin finally took a look at MuniLogic. "We had our IT Director and a citizen's technology committee thoroughly vet the product" said Township Manager Robert Ford. "What really convinced us that MuniLogic was the real deal was an unaccompanied visit to New Britain Township" continued Ford. New Britain Township has been using the system for over four years. "We went on our own without the MuniLogic sales team. We wanted an unbiased view and that is what we got" said Ford. "We were convinced that MuniLogic was the way to go."

Towamencin purchased a very extensive package including most of the Management Modules. "We have some issues with DEP and our sewer system that MuniLogic will help us manage" said Ford. "Like all Townships we are trying to do more with less and MuniLogic will enable that as well" he added.

Towamencin, a largely residential community, has a population of 19,000 and covers 9.7 square miles. It was founded in 1703 as part of William Penn's original land grant.

Budget Season, Again

August, 2013

It's that time of the year again when municipal officials begin the arduous task of putting a new budget together. It is always a challenge to find the funds to perform the tasks needed to keep your community running. While it appears that the economy is finally improving, funds remain tight and the need to do more with less remains. This year, consider an investment in the future, an investment in MuniLogic Municipal Management Software. MuniLogic will streamline your day to day operations and improve the efficiency of every employee. MuniLogic is powerful, easy to use and very affordable. We have a wide range of financing options available that will meet the needs of any size municipality. This budget season think outside the box and give MuniLogic a good look. Call us at 877-343-9166 or check us out on the web at

GIS Mapping Solutions
One of the most useful modules in the core system is the robust GIS Mapping System. Our GIS Mapping links assets to the relevant records in the other MuniLogic modules. Because MuniLogic integrates this functionality, there's no need to buy, maintain, or use a separate GIS system. The mapping module is provided within a hosted environment which requires a high-speed internet connection. Learn more in our Mapping Module section.

eGovernment Module to Roll Out in 2014

July 1, 2013

Everyone enjoys seeing the "coming attractions" at the movies. We want to share a "coming attraction" that will change the way you interact with your residents and, the way you do business forever. eGovernment is a new management module that will interact with your residents through your existing township website. It will allow you to both publish information directly from MuniLogic and receive resident information directly into MuniLogic. If you are a current MuniLogic customer, you will definitely want to add this module to your system. If you have not made the move to automate your day to day processes, eGovernment will be one more reason to make that move.

Your residents can use eGovernment to:
• Make service requests
• Register complaints
• Apply for permits or zoning variances
• Make payments for permits, fees, fines and taxes
• Register for events, sign up for lessons, register sports teams and pool memberships

You can use eGovernment to:
• Publish bid requests and RFP's
• Publish on line newsletters
• Publish alerts/breaking news
• Broadcast e-mail alerts
• Broadcast text messages
• Conduct polls and surveys

There are over twenty different "content apps" that will help you communicate and interact with your residents. Business can now be conducted on-line, eliminating the need for residents to come to the township building, reducing the face-to-face, time consuming service previously required of your employees. Instead, requests for service can now go directly to the proper department and be fulfilled through the MuniLogic system. Also, there is no need to worry about security, as MuniLogic will have the ability to determine what information is public or private. eGovernment is one more way we can help you do your job faster, more effectively and with less paper. eGovernment will be available in early 2014. Keep on the lookout for additional information.

MuniLogic to the Rescue
Managing Highway Sign Reflectivity Requirements

June 1, 2013

As municipal leaders and managers you are all familiar with unfunded mandates from the state and federal governments. One of the most intrusive mandates on local municipalities is the federal rules to update and upgrade highway signs to provide greater visibility at night. The Federal Highway Administration first issued new guidelines in 2007 with a timetable for implementation by the states and municipalities beginning in 2014 and extending out to the end of the decade. The new standards require higher reflective standards for all highway "control" signs such as stop signs, speed limit signs and warning signs.

The logic of the new standards are that despite the fact that only 25% of actual driving takes place at night, 50% of the accidents occur after dark. Many municipalities are in the process of replacing signs that would have had many years of additional life before enactment of the new standards. The new standards also require that municipalities monitor reflectivity and have a plan for regular maintenance and replacement.

MuniLogic can help you manage this process with our Roadway Management Module.
This module will help you complete a comprehensive inventory of your signs including age, location, maintenance records and more. The Roadway Module fully supports the MUTCD requirements and calculations so you can create your own sign management program. MuniLogic™ helps you track all inspection and maintenance activity as well as asset value. You can enhance your sign management system by integrating GIS mapping, document management, and creating relationships with your other geographic data.

Using the Roadway Module you can:
• Quickly identify the age and condition of signs.
• Determine which of the six maintenance requirement works best for your situation. Use only one or all six.
• Create and modify routes for repair and replacement.
• Receive a notification when signs are due for inspection or replacement.
• Maintain a complete history of all inspection and maintenance activities.
• Create work orders with full assignment and scheduling to crews.
• Maintain asset value using various methods for GASB34 reporting.
• >All assets are linked to other MuniLogic™ modules for Mapping, Reporting, and Documents

Unfunded federal mandates place new costs on every municipality. MuniLogic can help you manage and reduce those costs. Call us today to learn more.

Tax Module
Improve Tax Billing and Collection For Better Perspective - and Better Results

May, 2013

This module makes the billing and collection of real estate and other taxes efficient and effortless. With the Tax Module, you have a tremendous amount of flexibility to produce billing for multiple tax types; from real estate to school taxes. This module will transform the way you produce billing and track the resulting transactions.

The benefits will translate into quicker and more accurate deposits, resulting in increased revenue and higher confidence.

• Create invoices for your entire database for printing, saving to PDF and emailing.
• Create multiple custom tax types and fields for ultimate control over your data.
• Include municipal services within your billing, such as; waste removal and water usage.
• Perform installment billing.
• All accounts are organized by tax year and MuniLogic provides a complete at-a-glance history of all activity.
• Establish discount and penalty rates and dates.
• Efficient multiple transaction entry functions which automatically identify underpayments and overpayments.
• Track Liens. The system will check for outstanding liens before issuing Permits, etc.
• Create and post batches.
• Retrieve transactions from a bank lock box and send transactions to the general ledger of a third party financial program.

MuniLogic: The Solution for Municipal Authorities

April, 2013

It is our pleasure to introduce one of our newest clients, the Perkasie Regional Authority. Located in Perkasie Borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania the Authority serves 4,500 customers in Perkasie and parts of East Rockhill, West Rockhill, Hilltown and Sellersville. They provide both sanitary sewer and water service to their customers. The sanitary system is a collector system only, with treatment done by another regional authority. Their water system includes five wells and a treatment house as well as distribution.

We first looked at MuniLogic in 2010", Said Nick Fretz, Manager of the Authority. "We were impressed with how robust and thorough the software applications were. We had another software package but we had stopped using it" Fretz continued. "MuniLogic provided a path to reduced paper work and streamlined work flow."

The authority purchased the core system as well as the water, sanitary and customer modules. The mapping function was a key component in their decision to move forward. "It will enable us to send work orders via cell phone and laptop computers directly to our field service technicians, eliminating the need for paper work orders and trips back to our headquarters," said Fretz. "MuniLogic will help us reduce head count at headquarters and make us more efficient in the field."

MuniLogic is transforming the way the Perkasie Regional Authority does business. We can do the same for you. Call us today to see how your Authority can benefit.

Welcome West Goshen Township

March, 2013

Did you know that during the Revolutionary War, the Battle of the Clouds was fought in West Goshen Township? We didn't either, until we spoke with Township Manager Casey LaLonde. West Goshen Township in Chester County Pa. is the latest municipality to sign on with MuniLogic. The township had been fighting a battle of their own with outdated, unreliable, non-user friendly software since 2007. They set a goal to revamp the software and after a two year review chose MuniLogic. They stepped up in a big way buying the core system plus most of the management modules. "MuniLogic is the most complete package of municipal management software available" said LaLonde. "After wrestling with inadequate systems for years we are very excited to be with MuniLogic."

West Goshen is a township of 23,000 residents covering 12 square miles in the suburban Philadelphia area. They experienced steady growth from the fifties on through the early 2000's and even maintained better than average growth during the last five years. The township is home to the QVC television network, the Chester County Helicopter Museum and…the Battle of the Clouds. So now that we have piqued your interest in the Revolutionary War we need to tell you about the Battle of the Clouds.

After suffering a defeat at the Battle of Brandywine, Washington withdrew his troops to the West Goshen area. The British did not follow immediately but remained encamped at Brandywine. When they learned that Washington was only ten miles away they sent 10,000 troops to inflict yet another defeat on the colonials. Washington prepared for battle and several minor skirmishes were fought. Before the troops became fully engaged a nor'easter rolled in and the heavy rains ruined ammunition and supplies. Washington withdrew and the rain prevented the British from following. Not a victory, not a defeat, just a rain out. Now you know.

A hearty welcome to West Goshen. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.

Welcome Warminster Township

February, 2013

Warminster Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania is the latest municipality to sign on with MuniLogic. With a population of just over 31,000 and an area of ten square miles, Warminster is one the most diverse townships in Bucks County. It has largely been "built out" since the nineties. There is a wide variety of housing types and a very large commercial district as well as several former military sites.

Warminster conducted a thorough review of management software options before deciding to go with MuniLogic. Township staff, a technology committee and elected officials spent over a year reviewing a wide variety of products. "We selected MuniLogic because it was the most complete and comprehensive package available", said Township Manager Richard Manfredi. "The people at MuniLogic worked with to come up with a plan that was both affordable and effective."

Warminster is the first MuniLogic customer to go with the hosted solution and the first to take advantage of the lease financing option. In addition to the core system they are deploying the Customer, Permit, License and Code modules. "When the system is installed and our people are trained to use it, my expectation is that our daily work processes will be streamlined and our ability to respond to residents issues will be faster and more accurate" said Manfredi.

"We are delighted to welcome Warminster to the MuniLogic family" said Paul Nelson of MuniLogic. "We look forward to a long and very productive relationship.

Welcome Northampton Township

January, 2013

It is a great pleasure to announce that Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania has signed on as the latest MuniLogic participant. Northampton, with a population of almost 40,000, is one the largest townships in Bucks County. Like many of the municipalities in the suburban Philadelphia area, Northampton experienced explosive growth from the late 1980's right through the mid 2000's. While staff numbers grew to keep up with resident demand for service actual work processes had not been reviewed for years. The idea of streamlining the work flow came to center stage when MuniLogic was first presented to Township Manager, Bob Pellegrino, back in 2010. "We were convinced early on that MuniLogic was right system to move us forward but in a difficult economy it was a challenge to find the funds to make the move", said Pellegrino. "The people at MuniLogic were able to work with us to come up with a package that was affordable and effective", continued Pellegrino. "We look forward to implementing the system in the next few months."


Keep Track of Performance with MuniLogic's™ New Dashboards

December 1, 2012
Warrington, PA - In our quest to make MuniLogic the best of breed software for Municipal Governments and Municipal Authorities, we are continuously looking for new ways to improve our functionality. The newest addition is an integrated and flexible Dashboard where all users can add custom "widgets" (Predetermined views if information; such as, charts, graphs, maps, tasks and calendars) to create a personalized view. Expanding from MuniLogic's current task manager, which previously provided access to a user's calendar and tasks, the dashboard provides an entire new array of functionality.

Administrative users now have the ability track the number of assignments made to each department or user and determine the length of time each assignment is taking to resolve. These are displayed on highly graphical charts, which can be customized and filtered.

Filtering occurs with a click of a button. For instance, while viewing a chart of departments, a single click within a particular department will filter the display to all users assigned to that department. There are even charts that can compare data from the previous year to determine how performance has changed year-over-year. Overdue or unassigned items can also be viewed easily.These widgets include a Google map and the ability for general users to view their calendar and tasks, much like the current task manager. Our inventory of widgets is just starting to grow!

MuniLogic™ Releases White Paper to Educate Municipalities.
Provides Municipal Leaders with Insight to Improving Internal Efficiencies, and Delivering Better Government

Download the white paper directly here [PDF file].

June 27, 2011
(WARRINGTON, PA) - MuniLogic today released a new white paper, entitled "Municipal Management Software: Better Practices, Better Technology, Better Government," which informs municipal leaders about how to improve municipal government and authority services through the application of technology.

"This white paper is a blueprint for municipal leaders to use when assessing their own software needs and for making better decisions about implementing future systems," said Paul Nelson, account manager for MuniLogic.

The ten page white paper breaks down the benefits and value of Municipal Management Software with easy to follow tables, charts and graphs.

One of the key aspects the white paper covers is differentiating between a traditional enterprise software and the plethora of standalone software packages, which many municipalities utilize throughout their organizations today.  For instance, some municipalities have separate standalone programs for covering various aspects of their operation; one vendor for GIS, another for document management, a different product for licensing, and a specific software package just for permitting, while others have one enterprise wide system for the entire operation, putting them all under one easy-to-use dashboard.  Included within the paper is a breakdown of the benefits and pitfalls for each approach.

"More and more municipalities and authorities are moving toward automated software solutions to manage municipal government on a daily basis," said Nelson.  "We feel it's important for municipalities to understand the fundamental trade-offs between an enterprise solution and standalone solutions."

Recognizing that any municipality or authority that transitions into a municipal management software solution is going to face challenges in justifying the expenditure, the white paper breaks down the value proposition and benefits of the new breed of software, providing decision makers with instant intel.

Finally, the white paper provides a handy checklist of questions to ask when purchasing a municipal management software program. This purchasing criterion can be used as a checklist for evaluating municipal management software programs.

Download the white paper directly here [PDF file].

MuniLogic™ Offers User-Friendly Pricing to Municipalities and Authorities
Management Software is Modular, Powerful, Easy-to-Use and Affordable

December 22, 2010
Warrington, PA - Recognizing local governments are being forced to do more with less, Carroll Engineering Corporation announced today a user-friendly pricing structure for MuniLogic, a municipal management software program designed to improve efficiency and enhance services.

The new, user-friendly pricing structure offers municipalities and authorities two choices: (1) a tiered pricing model, broken-down by size of municipality or customer base; and, (2) a monthly lease licensing option. 

"This new, user-friendly pricing structure will provide municipalities and authorities with an opportunity to purchase MuniLogic at an affordable price," said Matt Garber, Carroll Engineering Senior Vice President.  "We understand the fiscal pressure municipal leaders are under today, and this new pricing model reflects that."

Tiered Pricing Model
Customers who prefer ownership of MuniLogic over leasing can take advantage of the new tiered pricing model.  This user-friendly structure introduces a lower cost of ownership to municipalities under 5,000 in population and municipal authorities under 3,000 customers.

Monthly Lease
The monthly lease licensing option provides a terrific alternative for those customers who cannot afford a capital expenditure.  For one low monthly fee, MuniLogic can be used by all departments and an unlimited amount of users.  This option includes all services and support, so there is no additional cost.

MuniLogic is an enterprise system designed to automate the various business processes of a municipal organization through an integrated set of management modules, such as Permits, Licenses, Inspections, Requests for Service (or Complaints), Maintenance, Work Orders, Violations and much more.
"From permits to maintenance orders, our easy to navigate dashboard is completely comprehensive," said Garber, a Microsoft Certified System Engineer.  "With 20 years experience in municipal information technology, we get it when it comes to the needs of local governments."

The product also provides an integrated asset management solution for fixed assets such as Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer, Water and Roadway (Assets within the Right-of-Way).  MuniLogic comes standard with a comprehensive core system that integrates technologies such as true GIS mapping, robust document management, and full enterprise reporting and extensive communication capabilities.  MuniLogic allows organizations to "go green" by relying much less on paper-based processes - hardcopy items such as fee schedules, permit applications, zoning maps, and customer complaints are all electronically filed and stored with the MuniLogic product.

"With less personnel and resources, MuniLogic becomes even more critical to help manage assets and business processes," said Garber.  "The faster our customers can get started using MuniLogic, the bigger their return on investment."


About Carroll Engineering Corporation and MuniLogicTM -- - MuniLogic Municipal Management Software was developed and designed by Carroll Engineering Corporation, a firm with over three decades of experience serving municipal entities.  The product meets the unique needs of municipal governments and authorities by automating critical business processes and providing and integrated asset management solution. 

To learn more about this powerful software solution, visit the company's product website; or email, or call 215 343-5700.

MuniLogic™ Installed in Two More Municipalities

Warrington, PA - MuniLogic, which is cutting-edge software used to automate and integrate asset management with the day-to-day work carried out by a busy municipal office, has been purchased by the townships of Warrington, Bucks County and Haverford, Delaware County. Warrington and Haverford join several other townships that have purchased and installed the software, including New Britain Township, Horsham Township, and Nether Providence. Both municipal organizations are currently in the pre-installation stage with full installation expected by March 2010.

MuniLogic was developed to streamline a municipal organization's daily activities by integrating technologies such as GIS with document management databases. The software will enable a municipality to enhance their business processes and improve upon customer service. MuniLogic's automated document management system allows organizations to rely less on paper - hardcopy items such as permit applications, zoning maps, and customer complaints are all electronically filed into the MuniLogic database.

This increased operational efficiency enables municipal staff to improve service to their constituents and make quicker and more informed decisions. Townships, such as Warrington and Haverford, will also use MuniLogic to consolidate software inventory, keep inspection/maintenance reports for water and sewer assets, as well as provide a link to the municipality's existing software management system. Customized service modules also allow for managing services such as Sanitation, Roadways, and Code Enforcement.

MuniLogic was developed and designed by Carroll Engineering Corporation. To learn more about this powerful software solution created especially for municipal organizations visit, email, or call (215) 343-5700.

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